Frequently asked questions

These are my most requested questions. If you have any other queries please do contact us and we’ll talk it through.

How much do you charge to design and build a website?

As every website is individual to the owner/business we cannot provide an accurate price without talking to you first. Once we’ve had a chat to discuss your wants, needs and technical requirements we can them provide you with a full quotation. Give us a call on 01736 351627.

How long does it take to design and build a website?

As above, this depends on the amount of work required. A simple information only site will take a lot less time than an e-commerce shop site. Typically you can expect a website design and build to take between 4 and 10 weeks. The better prepared you are with your content to be added to the site the better. You can download the Carta Design Website Content Guide to help you collate all the info you may need.

Do you except credit card payments for design work?

We do get asked this occasionally. Afraid not. We only except cheques or bank transfers on 30 day invoice terms.

Can you organise printing as well as the design?

Yes. We only use one local print company and one national to offer you the best solution and price for the job in hand. We can advise on paper, ink and layout options and provide quotations to match.